3SH Spring 1 2021

We’ve had snow filled first half term of 2021.  Not only has it been great fun, it’s also helped us practise our measuring skills!  Even if we haven’t been in school it hasn’t stopped us producing some fabulous learning.


In geography we’ve been learning about the importance of the rainforests and the impact of deforestation.  We kicked off our topic a bush tucker challenge!  What was inside the mystery boxes?  Would you be brave enough to try a crispy critter or is tropical fruit more to your liking?


Maths has been all about estimating and measuring accurately at home and school.


This half term we’ve been learning more about Islam and what it is like being a Muslim.  At home Heidi made a fantastic replica of a mosque.  This has now taken pride of place next to the school Qur’an.  


Our first text this half term was The Lorax.  It gave the children the opportunity to create a class poem and write their own newspaper article.  They then moved onto writing an information leaflet about deforestation.  


Along side our rainforest inspired topic we have been learning about plants and how essential they are for life on Earth.