Class 3SW: Autumn 1 website photos and blurb 


First day: It was so good to be back in school and seeing our friends and I was so pleased to meet you all properly 

Class 3SW: Spring 1 


Maths: We have been focusing on addition and subtraction and measuring this half term we have covered the following:


  1. Mentally add / subtract a single digit number to / from a 3-digit number, including regrouping 
  2. Mentally add a multiple of ten to a 3-digit number, including regrouping 
  3. Mentally subtract a multiple of ten from a 3-digit number, including regrouping 
  4. Mentally add / subtract a multiple of 100 to / from a 3-digit number (within 1000) 
  5. Mentally add / subtract two 3-digit numbers with no regrouping 
  6. Use rounding to estimate the answer to a calculation 
  7. Add two 3-digit numbers using column addition 
  8. Subtract 3-digit numbers using column subtraction 
  9. Solve addition and subtraction word problems 
  10. Solve non-standard addition and subtraction word problems 


In measuring we have focused on:



  1. Measure lengths to the nearest centimetre or to the nearest millimetre 
  2. Measure and draw lines of a given length in mixed units (cm and mm) 
  3. Use prior knowledge to estimate length 
  4. Understand and calculate the perimeters of 2-D shapes in centimetres or millimetres 
  5. Calculate the perimeters of 2-D shapes in mixed units (cm and mm) 
  6. Measure and compare lengths in mixed units (m and cm) 



English: Linked to our topic learning/ shared reading of the Lorax, we were writing a newspaper report about being first on the scene of the destruction of the Truffla Trees. We were focusing on the use of past tense, Proper nouns and time conjunctions. We have spent the last part of the half term writing an information leaflet about Deforestation. We focused on present tense, technical vocabulary and general nouns. We will be using these leaflets to distribute to the school and the community of Armthorpe on our Greta Thurnberg style march at the end of next half term.


Science: In Science we have been focusing on plants. We have named and identified several rainforest plants and looked at their functions. We explored the life cycle of a flowering plant and created some drama freeze frames to show seed dispersal in different ways. We also carried out an experiment to show how water is transported in plants.


Topic: We launched our new topic all about ‘deforestation’ and sustainable development by having an “I’m a Year 3 Get me Out of Here!” morning. We had some bushtucker trials, where we put our hands in mystery boxes and ate some critters! We sketched and then sampled some rainforest fruits and made tissue paper butterflies. During the rest of topic we have found out where rainforests are located using our map skills, we have explored the layers of the rainforest, as well as thought about the tribes who live there. We have begun to look at deforestation and the reasons behind it and have ended this half term with a debate. We were given a person with a specific role and had to research before putting across our points to others.


PE: We have been focusing on dance this half term. We have been focusing on the Haka- we have created motifs using set actions and combined them with others to create our own version of this iconic routine. 


RE: We have looked at the religion of Islam this half term. We have looked at who follows the Islamic religion, what are their main beliefs, their special festivals and their holy book. We also looked at their place of worship and designed our own Mosque ensuring we included all the essential things.