Spring 1 4P

This half term we have adapted to our new style of learning (at home or in school) brilliantly and made the adults around us very proud.

We have been reading ‘Children of the Mine’ by Jaqueline Bellew and this has helped us to better understand the history of our local village and its proud mining past.

We wrote a newspaper report about a mining disaster that occurred in Barnsley and thoroughly enjoyed researching the incident so we could include real stories into our writing. 

In maths we have been we have learnt about factors, how to do column multiplication and bus stop division to aid us when we come to do fractions and in science we have looked at states of matter and their changes.

We have also done a lot of Geography learning and learnt how to use an Atlas, Google Earth and maps. By honing these skills we have been able to recognise villages, towns and cities and their features and learnt how to orientate ourselves on maps and aerial photos. In art we practised shading, tone and mark making in order to do a ‘Bevin Boys’ inspired drawing.

This term seems to have been just like the snow recently experienced, fun and happy but over too fast. We will be continuing our learning of mining as we move through Spring 2 but will begin to focus more on the historical side of it.