About us

Dear all,

Welcome to our website. We hope that you find all of the information you need about our lovely school. We also hope that you will enjoy sharing and celebrating the range of activities and experiences on offer to the children.

Southfield is part of a federation along with Bessacarr Primary School. We work together, sharing our learning and our resources to ensure that we develop the best possible learning experiences for your children.

Mrs Sarah Cairns (Executive Headteacher)

Please read our mission statement which outlines what we are about:

Southfield and Bessacarr Primaries

Mission Statement

We want you to love your learning and be interested in what you do at school and beyond. We want you to learn to be creative and independent and to be resilient in everything you do – even if you fail!

In our schools, we have very high expectations of you all. We all want you to be able to do and achieve your very, very best. We want everyone to be included, respected and safe.

We really value technology and we want you to grow up ready for a world full of technology – some of which hasn’t been invented yet – but we want you to know how to be ready!

Our world is very diverse and we want you to love being part of this world. You could live or work anywhere in the world and communicate with anyone!  

We want you, your family, your friends and our communities to all work and learn together to become the best that we can all be.

We had a very successful year last year. We improved in lots of areas especially your learning
in reading, writing and mathematics. You did your best ever!!!! However, there are always areas
that we can improve on. These are the areas that we want to change for the better this year:

1. We want everyone to do well so we are working with two other schools to be part of Achievement for All.
Achievement for All will help us to make sure that everyone gets better in their learning this year.
2. We want to make sure that everyone knows how good they are at reading and other subjects that you learn in school.
We want you to know what you need to do next to improve.
3. We want all of you to have your learning at the right level for you. Your learning needs to
challenge you and make you think so we are going to make sure it does – including homelearning.
4. We want you to be able to think carefully in maths, applying your knowledge and
understanding to different kinds of problems.
5. We want your parents to know how well you are learning and progressing throughout your
time at Southfield. We want them to be able to see this on a computer at home and
be able to talk to us about it and help you to reach your targets.