December 2019

19th December 2019


Christmas 2019 NEWSLETTER


We have had a very successful first term in school. The younger children have settled well and feel like part of the Southfield family. The older children continue to support them in their role as peer mentors and in general school life. The way that older children act as role models and assist the younger children is something to be admired. It makes us incredibly proud.

The way that Southfield children behave in general is also worthy of note.   We receive so many positive comments from different visitors to school and from people in the numerous places that we visit. 

We are also proud of the dedication of our whole staff team, including our parent/carer volunteers and Parent Network. We truly are all working together to achieve the very best for our children.

Christmas Update

The concerts have all been in full swing. In the last week and a half we have held 7 of them in the school hall. Each one was unique to the age and stage of the children. They were very well received by family and carers and we managed to raise just over £1267 through ticket sales, refreshments and the raffle. This will go directly into the savings pot so that we can treat the children to something that we would not normally be able to afford in the summer. It was lovely to see so many of you at the concerts and thank you for your positive feedback – it really does mean so much to us and make a big difference to moral.

Thank you to the team of dedicated Parent Network members who practically moved in to Southfield over the concert season and ran the refreshments and raffle and decorated the hall tree! We could not have done this without you and we are SO grateful for your hard work and commitment to Southfield.

Thank you also to Mrs Potter who is able to match fund the money raised through the concerts via her work at Barclays Bank. We feel very lucky.


Key Fundraising Updates:

Roald Dahl Dress up Day - £170

Macmillan Coffee Morning - £357

Wear it Pink - £354

Halloween Discos (to go into the school saving pot )- £522

Children in Need - £378

Christingle Children’s Society - £84

Christmas Jumper Day Save the Children - £165

Y6 Carol Singers at Halifax Armthorpe ( to go into the school savings pot) - £94.50

Toast Friday this term (to be saved by school) £294


This is absolutely incredible and a complete tribute to the Armthorpe community and families we serve. Sincerely thank you.

School Improvement Update

All of our recent external reviews are showing the school to be at least good in all areas with much to celebrate that is outstanding. We are proud of the children and Southfield staff team and have a commitment to providing the very best that we possibly can.

Dates for 2018

The diary dates letter was published on the parent app in September.

It is important that you keep these dates handy throughout the year.  Subsequent letters on the parent app and messages on Facebook or Twitter are reminders about events or will inform you of any changes.  You can also keep yourself up-to-date with our diary of events on our website.



School uniform is available to order online at

Book bags, pump bags and money envelopes are available to purchase from the school office.


Please ensure that your child always has the correct PE kit, which is:

White polo shirt or

Blue Southfield T Shirt

Black or navy shorts

Black or navy tracksuit


PE kit should be worn for every PE lesson as it is part of the school uniform and there should be no deviation from this.

 School shoes should be black and no trainers are permitted for anything other than PE and to change into for outdoor play if your child chooses to.


Ernelsthorpe Manor and The Old Rectory


We continue to be extremely proud of our links with the local care home and the elderly residents there. This half term has seen our Y1 children make decorations alongside their new friends, share sentimental objects and talk about their lives and stories behind them, read stories, complete crafts and more recently Y6 went to sing carols.

The children know how important it is to take time out with people and value everyone in the community, young or old. This moral compass is strong at Southfield and something that we are incredibly proud of.


Communicating with or about school


At Southfield we try really hard to live by our school values which are:













We appreciate and value that people have different views and opinions. We also know that sometimes we have to give tough messages especially to help keep the children and environment safe and to maintain our high standards. We do not always get things right because we are human beings working with human beings in a very fast paced environment. We do however try really hard to make school a positively memorable experience for the children for all the right reasons.

If you are unhappy with a school decision or need further clarification on any decisions made then please come in and talk to us. Most situations and misunderstandings can be worked out by coming in and talking it through. In order to achieve the best outcomes for the children it is essential that we operate in partnership.


School re-opens on mONDAY 6th jANUARY