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At Southfield, we want you to love your learning and be interested in what you do at school and beyond. We want you to learn to be creative and independent and to be resilient in everything you do – even if you fail!

 In our school, we have very high expectations of you all. We all want you to be able to do and achieve your very, very best. We want everyone to be included, respected and safe.

 We really value technology and we want you to grow up ready for a world full of technology – some of which hasn’t been invented yet – but we want you to know how to be ready! 

Our world is very diverse and we want you to love being part of this world. You could live or work anywhere in the world and communicate with anyone!   

We want you, your family, your friends and our communities to all work and learn together to become the best that we can all be.



Dear Parents/carers,


As part of the Governments plans to transform children and young people’s mental health, Doncaster has been chosen to be a Trailblazer site to deliver a new NHS service called ‘With Me in Mind’. This new service is aimed at reducing waiting lists and improving the overall wellbeing of young people experiencing mental health issues. Under this new service the NHS have enlisted the support of Doncaster Council’s Young Advisors to develop a resource package to help raise awareness and encourage children and young people to talk about mental health.


Mental health is a topic close to the hearts of many young people, including the Young Advisors, who are passionate about getting young people to talk, to let them know they are not alone and that experiencing a mental illness is common. So, for the past few months they have been extremely busy developing two powerful resources; a story book for Primary Schools, and a mental health film for Secondary Schools:

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